This is a webform for converting code to syntax highlighted static html via the Syntax Highlighter program from, by Alex Gorbatchev. The original Syntax Highlighter works dynamically, highlighting the code contained by <pre id="code"> and </pre> tags using javascript when the page is loaded. I modified the code so that this page would generate working static code so that the html only needs to be generated once. Simply set the options, enter the source code into the Source Code input box, and copy and paste the the content of the "Resulting Html Code" input box onto another webpage, making sure to include a link to SyntaxHighlighterModified.css, clipboard.swf, and the shCoreStaticInclude.js script. The generated code and this web form have been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.
      This modification was written very quickly (especially the web interface) and tested lightly, so if you have comments or wrote a better web interface for me to use (*hint hint*), don't hesitate to email me at You can also post a message in the forums. This syntax highlighter was written entirely javascript, html, and css, so you can download the source and run it offline. You're obviously free to modify the code in any way, let me know if you do anything useful. Also, please host your own SyntaxHighlighterModified.css, clipboard.swf, and shCoreStaticInclude.js files. Only use mine if you have no way of hosting your own. Follow this link for more information and additional help.

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